Where does Alpine medals come from?

D'où vient Médailles Alpine ?


My name is Maïté Rhéaume-Gonzalez, I am the mother of a little human and three mutts.

I am a girl of the woods. I love nature and I take great pleasure in walking in the forest with my free dogs.

Alpine medals means for me these wild mountains and this well-being when I find myself in the forest with my wolves. 


My journey

I have been swimming in the canine field for a long time. An animal health technician by training, I first started my career working in different shelters and then specialized in canine training. I am also passionate about harness sports and participate in several competitions across the province. When Alpine medals was born, I realized that I could feed my need to create while staying in touch with dogs. Crafting has always been an integral part of my life, I decided at the end of my maternity leave to devote myself full time to creating medals. The collections offered today are the fruit of several years of experimentation in order to offer you a quality result. I am proud to be able to say that my products are unique, robust, durable and constantly evolving to meet your expectations.