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Alpine Medals brings together 6 carefully selected ambassadors, each with their own field of expertise. Being myself very involved in the canine field, I chose members in my image and I am blessed to have them to represent me. In my opinion, it is essential that our dogs be treated with care and given adequate stimulation. 


Stephanie Tremblay - IG: @stephandthedogz

A fan of harness sports, Stéphanie is the mother of 5 charming canines, Kinai, Molly, Jazz, Vegas and Astro. She competes all over Quebec in traction sports, but mainly in scooters and bikejoring. She is active, curious, involved and obviously very devoted to her dogs. 


Émilie Ménard - IG: @theflyingteam

A frisbee and freestyle professional, Émilie gives a lot of shows and training across Canada. She is an incredibly disciplined coach and is not afraid of challenges. His family is made up of 5 little work bombs: Enzo, Shirley, Nyx, Friday and Tokyo.


Alexe Wolfe - IG: @alexeetstitch

Alexe has just joined the team and mainly practices Frisbee and Freestyle. It also has its small canine training school and educational boarding house. His 2 acolytes are Stitch and Boo, two magnificent border collies. Alexe is very active on social media and takes great photos.


Claude A-Pigeon - IG: @buddetheblueheeler

New to the dog world, Claude is the mother of a charming and delinquent little Australian mountain dog, Buddé. She's super curious and motivated by canine training and that's what made us fall in love with her. She practices harness sports, frisbee and drags her little Buddé on all her outdoor getaways.


Jessica Sorensen - IG: @maverss

The team fell in love with little Maverick, a happy mix of Cattle Dog, Husky and Golden. This plush loves the beach, fishing and going for hikes in the Ontario countryside with his mom. Jessica is a talented and charismatic photographer who makes us addicted to her inspiring stories.


Chelsea Du Jardin - IG: @knoxnthings

Chelsea is the mother of a little (giant) eurohound, Knox. She works as a trainer at Guides Canins and practices every dog sport imaginable. Endowed with incredible patience, she trains Knox in harness sports, obedience, agility, scent detection, tracking, dock diving and rat sports. She is devotion in person, my sweetheart in addition to being the godmother of my little human.


Alexandrie Boisseau - IG: @alexandriieb

Passionate about animal welfare, Alexandria has been in the field for a few years now. While going through the school of canine behavior, at the animal refuge, she is now a representative at Solution pour Animaux. Her two cubs are Bahia, a border collie of almost 10 years old, and Mac, the young and crazy Australian Koolie. She loves to teach her dogs new tricks and try all possible sports & activities with them!